Information is a Resource

Everyday, professors across the world produce high-quality information consisting of perspectives, thoughts, opinions, and explanations. Podium’s mission is capture, organize, and share this information with the world. Empowering professors by disseminating their ideas around the world.

How it works


Record your lectures in class with Podium’s web-based recording software or upload a pre-recorded lecture. Podium utilizes existing classroom technology so little to no overhead is required.


Podium transcribes your lectures automatically, allowing learners of different backgrounds to learn at their own pace and helping everyone find what they are interested in quickly.


Tags: descriptive titles added to audio clips within lectures, created by users for users, to allow for quick search and identification of useful information.


Podium is not only a capture and transcription tool for your lectures, but it is also an online repository and distribution system than allows you to share your content with your students, your university, and learners around the world. This is done automatically.

Simplify your teaching:

You focus on teaching, we focus on everything else. Podium's technology simplifies your life as a professor by handling all the work surrounding recording, uploading, organizing, and sharing your lectures with the world. No need to deal with IT deparments or purchasing expensive equipment, all you need is your laptop and an optional microphone and your ready to start using Podium.

Build your professional identity:

Few professors from select universities have been able to benefit from sharing their in-class content with the world. According to an MIT study on OpenCourseWare, over 33% of professors who share their content notice an improvement in their professional standing. With Podium, any professor from any university can have the benefit of a global audience. Start using Podium and see where your career takes you.


Podium is free for professors and universities to use. Transcription is free for each professor’s first course. For further transcriptions, please inquire at