How we began:

Inspired by passionate leaders who exemplify a creative breadth of knowledge, and encouraged by diligent professors who invest in their students, we at Podium Edu sought out to lift up such educators. Individually discouraged by the lack of educational openness at the university level, collectively we began a platform. And it is in the collective where we find our strength.

Our Mission:

Our mission is simple, empower people to learn what matters by democratizing educational leadership. By listening to lectures on Podium Edu, not only can you learn from the best professors, but you also support them to do their best in every class.

Our Vision:

To organize the collective thoughts and ideas of the brightest people in the world and make it available for everyone to learn.

Who We Are


Christian Balevski

CEO & Founder

Christian was inspired with the idead for Podium while pursuing dual degrees in Finance and Physics at The College of New Jersey.

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Matthew Rodriguez

CTO & Lead Developer

With degrees from University of Deleware and Michigan, Matt brings a proven track record of succefully implementing new technologies.


Dalton Ackerman


Dalton has a keen eye for good products. He has worked with many industrial firms including Langan Inc.